Being fully cognizant of the fact that in ramp handling, every second counts and realizing this criticality our dedicated crew to ensuring that our customers’ tight flight schedules are met. Through our efficent ramp services, we deliver a wide range of aircraft handling functions, including aircraft loading and unloading, technical support functions, provision of pushback vehicles, air start units, air conditioning units, ground power units, potable water units and toilet servicing units. Broadly speaking our Ramp handling facilities include the following:-

  • ✔ Baggage Handling.
  • ✔ Parking.
  • ✔ Cooling/Heating.
  • ✔ Ramp to Flight-deck Communications.
  • ✔ Loading/Unloading of baggage and cargo.
  • ✔ Air Start.
  • ✔  Positioning and repositioning of Aircraft.
  • ✔ Toilet Services.
  • ✔ Water Services.
  • ✔ Cabin cleaning services.
  • ✔ Cabin Material Storage.
  • ✔ Catering Services.
  • ✔ Refueling coordination services.