Your cargo is in the safe hands of our experienced ground crews who collectively handle hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo annually. Modern facilities and a vetted, trained warehouse team are at your disposal. We keep pace with the unique needs of the countries where we operate. You can expect multi-temperature storage for perishable products and ample dry storage capacity. Your goods are protected by CCTV and proven security measures.

  • ✔ Warehousing services
  • ✔ Export cargo acceptance and flight build up services.
  • ✔ Import cargo flight breakdown and delivery services.
  • ✔ Customs control services with document handling and     irregularities management.
  • ✔ Transfer and transit services.
  • ✔ Mail handling services.
  • ✔ Live animal handling services.
  • ✔ Perishable, dangerous and valuable goods handling     services.
  • ✔  Temperature controlled perishable cargo facility.
  • ✔ Strong room, DGR (all classes), AVI rooms.
  • ✔ Separate storage for DIP mails.
  • ✔ CCTV and 24 hours security services.